The Ancient Huon Pine | Tree Removal for the Northern Beaches and Hornsby

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all-tree-services-tree-surgeon-in-actionTasmania is a land of superlatives in the tree world. The high amounts of precipitation here, along with the relatively untouched nature of its western and southern regions, has allowed us to discover some of the most iconic trees in Australia. Centurion, a mountain ash and the second-tallest tree in the world, was discovered in 2014. And on nearby Mount Read, another well-kept secret has been steadily growing for a long, long time.

Tree removal specialists operating here in Hornsby and the Northern Beaches are accustomed to coping with a variety of tree species, but there is typically a limit on their possible age. In New South Wales, your largest conifers might only reach a maximum of 200-300 years of age. But such is not the case in the cool, wet climate of Tasmania. Here, a stand of rare Huon Pine has been growing on the sides of Mount Read for the last 10 000 years.

Individual trees in this stand might only be roughly three thousand years of age – it is difficult to determine, as acquiring a core sample could kill them. But the stand itself has been proven to be far older than the pyramids. To put this in to perspective, when this stand of Huon pines were saplings, sabre-toothed cats were still roaming the landscapes of Europe and Asia, and Sweden had only recently been released from the grip of the ice age’s glaciers.

As tree removal specialists for the Northern Beaches and Hornsby, our livelihood is tied in to this section of flora. We treat it with great respect, and ensure that your home and property is treated the same. If you’re in need of tree removal solutions, we are ready to help you. Contact us today for more information.

The Importance of Tree Removal for Hornsby

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As with many elements of home care, the old idiom holds true: an ounce of prevention is equal to a pound of cure. When torrential rain hit Hornsby on June 5th, the result of an intensive warm front sweeping down the coast from Queensland, much of the region was not prepared for the torrent of water it was set to unleash.

In a weekend, the storm dropped the equivalent to two months’ worth of rain. Water quickly overcame the banks of Cockle and Apple Tree Creek, sweeping away large chunks of the riverside, The deluge was accompanied by high winds, putting pressure on trees. And not all of them managed to stay on their feet.

Of the 306 emergency calls placed to officials over the weekend, the vast majority concerned falling trees. The heavy winds, along with the weight of the rain and the sodden soil, toppled thousands of trees up and down the coast of New South Wales, Queensland, and Tasmania. It stands as a testament to the power of the storm, and a lesson in proper vigilance with regards to tree life around your home.

Tree limbs can carry a large amount of kinetic energy when they fall from their perch, and they can easily cause structural damage to your home. In Hornsby, roofs – sorely needed to be watertight on such a weekend – were a common victim of falling trees. Vehicles in driveways and on roadsides were also frequent casualties. As in most areas, keeping tabs on the state of tree life near your castle can be vital to preserving it, when the weather turns against you.

For professional help, All Tree Care stands ready to help. We cover Hornsby’s needs for tree removal and tree care, for when you want to ensure the safety of your home from the wild weather. Contact us today for more information.

Don’t let it become a tree-mendous problem

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Australians have always had a love affair with trees. Fruit trees such as Apple and lemon trees have been a staple of family gardens for decades, while some of our most iconic city parks are home to trees that have been around for centuries.

Sadly, as beautiful and iconic as they are, if your tree is not maintained properly, it can cause significant damage to your home.

One of the biggest problems that we come across as a tree removalist in Hornsby are homeowners that let their trees grow out of control. A dangerously over-sized tree is not only a fire hazard; it can have serious implications to the value of your home, as well as any pre-existing damage to the foundations.

When maintaining your tree, it is recommended that you check it at least 1-2 times a year and conduct a thorough inspection of the surrounding area. If the tree is growing close to your home, debris from leaves and branches can block the gutters, which can cause significant damage such as rotting wood, mould buildup and congestion. When assessing your tree, check to see how close it is to your property and any overhead wires, particularly in the summer months when fire danger levels are heightened.

Underground damage can also be costly without proper care. Larger root systems will lift the buildings foundation, creating an uneven surface that can extend into neighboring properties. In some extreme circumstances, tree roots that have grown deep underground can pierce through the drainpipes, causing an obstruction to the water flow to your property. This may then require professional assistance to unblock the pipes.

At All Tree Care, we know the importance of keeping your tree healthy and out of harms way. As your local Hornsby tree removalist, we pride ourselves on delivering quality tree work and customer service.

A Happy Customer

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