Willoughby City Council Tree Removal

If you are in City of Willoughby and require a tree or trees removed due to property damage, danger, allergy, dying or diseased trees, we can help you.

We can also assist with tree pruning under certain conditions, including storm damage, overhanging dwellings, hazardous vision obstruction.

The WLEP 2012 Tree and Vegetation Preservation has been enacted by Council to ensure the conservation and management of the trees and landscape of the local area. There are some restrictions on which plants and trees you can prune, remove or transplant on your own property. You can apply for permission to prune or remove a tree.

The following documents outline in more detail what is covered by the WLEP 2012 Tree and Vegetation Preservation, and how you can apply for Council consent. Read them carefully before making any alterations to plants and trees on your property.