North Sydney Council Tree Removal

If you are in North Sydney Council area and require a tree or trees removed due to property damage, danger, allergy, dying or diseased trees, we can help you.

We can also assist with tree pruning under certain conditions, including storm damage, overhanging dwellings, hazardous vision obstruction.

North Sydney Council has adopted a tree and vegetation management policy which aims to prevent unlawful or unnecessary removal, pruning or destruction of trees in the North Sydney Local Government Area. This policy is enforced under Part 3 of SEPP 2017 (vegetation in non-rural areas).

Before removing, pruning or proposing development within 5m of a tree in North Sydney, residents and/or contractors are advised to contact Council to determine whether they need to obtain a Tree Management Permit or Development Consent. Where a Tree Management Permit is required, you will need to complete an online form.


North Sydney Council Tree Removal / Pruning Application