Municipality of Hunters Hill Tree Removal

If you are in Municipality of Hunters Hill and require a tree or trees removed due to property damage, danger, allergy, dying or diseased trees, we can help you.

We can also assist with tree pruning under certain conditions, including storm damage, overhanging dwellings, hazardous vision obstruction.

Provisions of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Vegetation in Non-Rural Areas) 2017 and Hunters Hill Consolidated Development Control Plan 2013 apply to the management and maintenance of existing trees and vegetation in Hunters Hill. Together these documents require that development consent or a permit is obtained from Hunter’s Hill Council before altering any “Prescribed Vegetation”. Refer to the council’s website for further information.

If you wish to alter any “Prescribed Vegetation” you must apply to Council using one of the below forms:

Tree and Vegetation Management Application Form – for applications that relate only to management of “Prescribed Vegetation”

Standard Development Application Form – for applications that involve building works and management of “Prescribed Vegetation”