Tree Removals

Tree removals are the removal of trees that may somehow cause damage to your property.

Trees may need to be removed for a variety of reasons including death, irreparable stress, to make room to build a property, poor location, and to control infections or infestations that may harm neighbouring trees.  You may also need to remove the trees in order to be able to properly carry out a design plan.

All Tree Care removes the affected tree using the safest techniques available for your property. We also operate a crane that has the ability to access potentially difficult areas. Usually, the tree will be wood chipped and turned into mulch, thus maximising the recycling potential.

Many eucalypti are prone to dropping branches at random, even when they’re healthy. That’s why they’re nicknamed ‘Widow Makers.’ So when they’re sick, they’re not a tree to take lightly. Every few years dead wood forms on the upper branches of most trees, in order for them to be a positive addition to your garden, you trees require regular care and maintenance

Being rife with potential dangers, large tree maintenance, and removal should be left to the experts.

We all love our native trees, but sometimes they cause problems, particularly in suburban back yards. That’s when tree removals are required.

We take the danger out of tree removals.

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Tree removals on a difficult site in the northern beaches
Large crane on site tree removals in Sydney's northern beaches

Tree Removal

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Client Testimonials

Hello Mark, Just a short note to say thank you for the work you did in lopping the two Angophoras overhanging the house in July. We were impressed with the professional way you went about quoting and then carrying out the job. My neighbour was very pleased with the way you cut up the larger limbs for him to use in his fireplace. I’ll be happy to recommend you to any friends who need tree work done in the future.

Thanks again

Bob Taffel

Home Owner

Many thanks for your great service today, regarding the Pine trees and the tree in the street. Thanks again. You have made my day! You did a great job.


Dear Mark

We recently engaged the services of All Tree Care  - from the very start of the process, Mark arrived on time to first survey our needs and demonstrated a deep knowledge of the Trees, their impact on the rest of the garden and with this in mind; a plan was made to ensure what remained would flourish.

On the day of works, Mark and his team worked tirelessly, taking extreme care of other plants and aspects of our gardens and those of our neighbours. We were extremely impressed with their working practices, cleaning up each area as they went but most importantly, taking great care of each others safety. 

We cannot recommend All Tree Care highly enough - Fantastic experience and a price worthy of all their professionalism.  

Honestly, you and your guys were brilliant.

Warmest Wishes,

Ian G

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