Autumn Tree Removal on the Northern Beaches

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all-tree-services-tree-surgeons-300x191The autumn brings an ideal time for tree maintenance. The cooler temperatures make it more comfortable to work outside, there are far fewer leaves in the way, and best of all, most tree diseases and parasites are less active in the cooler weather – so you can perform more tree surgery without the risk of killing your trees entirely.

It is an excellent time to plant, as well. The colder weather puts less stress on any newer, less established trees – meaning it is an ideal time for you to expand upon the foliage on your property. New trees aren’t subject to the intense summer heat, and can adapt to their new surroundings far more easily over the long haul of the winter months. Root systems have longer time frame to adapt to their new surroundings, and won’t be as easily dried out.

The intense dry heat of the summer in the Northern Beaches can also be difficult for your trees to cope with, and by the end of the season, they may be in need of a nutrient boost. A good slow-release formula on their roots can ensure they stay healthy through the winter, and reduces your odds of requiring tree removal services in later years.

To segue, the autumn is also the best time to prune and trim any branches in tricky positions. The windy and wet weather of the Northern Beaches winter months can wreak havoc upon trees that have overgrown their capabilities to stay standing. Some can be preserved with cabling, but many can not.

If you are in need of that extra step in tree removal services this autumn on the Northern Beaches, All Tree Care can help you. Contact us today!

North Sydney’s Tree Removal experts on the Mountain Ash

October 6, 2015 Comments Off on North Sydney’s Tree Removal experts on the Mountain Ash


Australia’s mostly arid landscape isn’t one that is typically associated with more impressive members of tree life. The varied landscape, on the whole, lacks the heavy precipitation needed to fuel the growth of massive trees. But in a few isolated spots of Victoria and Tasmania, the exception to the climactic norm offers up one of the world’s most notable trees.

The mountain ash is actually a eucalypt, and is the world’s largest flowering plant. And it is massive: bred by the temperate climate and the seasonal rains of Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean, these giants can lay claim to being the second-tallest trees on record, surpassed only by the coastal redwoods of California. Prior to the logging of many forest, however, there were reports that several examples stood even taller.

Currently, your tree removal experts can report that the tallest mountain ash currently sits in Tasmania’s southwest forests, at an undisclosed location, a long hike from North Sydney. Known as ‘Centurion’, it stands in an old growth grove of mountain ash, and has never been logged. It stands at 99.8 metres in height, as of 2012.

Originally, due to its height, it was called the ‘Don Bradman’. Apparently, forestry officials have an odd sense of humour. If you’re in Tasmania, it might be worth a walk in the forest to find one of these giants of the tree world. As your tree removal experts in North Sydney, and tree enthusiasts, we believe you would enjoy the view.

Unhealthy Tree Symptoms

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red-treeTrees are living organisms and, as such, are susceptible to a range of diseases and health issues. You may not be able to communicate with trees to learn what the problem is, but there are a number of visual symptoms that may indicate your tree is unhealthy. All Tree Care is the specialist at tree removal on the North Beaches and has seen firsthand the various stages of tree disease. We can advise you on what to look out for in order to give you the best chance of saving your tree. This is not always possible however, and you may require expert North tree removal, in which case, we are happy to help.

Here are symptoms to keep an eye out for:

The top of the tree withering

Furthest from the life giving roots, the top of the tree is often one of the first sections to suffer.

Discolouration of leaves

It may not only be a sign of autumn, it may be one of the first signs that you will need North Sydney tree removal. Lighter than usual shades, yellowing or browning leaves may indicate poor tree health.

Foliage wilting

Some common signs of sickness include spots, postules or insects on leaves, or holes in leaves.

Varying foliage density

A healthy tree generally has a fairly even covering of foliage. If there is less concentration in some areas of the tree, particularly at the crown, it may be at risk.

Sap on the bark

Sap acts as a defense mechanism for trees, so its presence may be an indication that your tree is suffering in some way.

Abnormal growths

Look out for unusual growths on the trunk, branches or twigs of your tree. This can be an outward sign of disease.


The presence of some insects is expected in the natural environment, but if there seems to be excess in your tree, this may be a sign that it has been infested. Termites are a particularly prevalent reason for tree removal on the North Beaches.

Prevention is the best form of defence when it comes to tree health and early detection of sickness will give you the best chance of saving your tree. Unfortunately though, this is not always possible and a sick tree can be harmful to the surrounding environment, a toppling hazard and an eyesore. All Tree Care will save trees whenever possible, but when North Sydney tree removal is required, they are your regional experts and always complete work to a safe, efficient and high standard.

Tree Removal

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Tree felling is the removal of trees that may somehow cause damage to your property.


No Tree is too large or small

Trees may need to be removed for a variety of reasons including death, irreparable stress, to make room to build a property, poor location, and to control infections or infestations that may harm neighbouring trees.  You may also need to remove the trees in order to be able to properly carry out a design plan.

All Tree Care removes the affected tree using the safest techniques available for your property. We also operate a crane that has the ability to access potentially difficult areas. Usually, the tree will be wood chipped and turned into mulch, thus maximising the recycling potential.

To assess your Tree Felling or Dead Wooding requirements, contact All Tree Care today for an obligation free quote., their could be a way to save it.

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