City of Ryde Council Tree Removal

If you are in the City of Ryde Council area and require a tree or trees removed due to property damage, danger, allergy, dying or diseased trees, we can help you.

We can also assist with tree pruning under certain conditions, including storm damage, overhanging dwellings, hazardous vision obstruction.

The City of Ryde’s Development Control Plan (DCP) aims to help improve the quality of the local environment and livability of Ryde. Please refer to the following information provided by the City of Ryde Council to assess your eligibility for tree removal services.

City of Ryde Development Control Plan 2014 Part: 9.5 – Tree Preservation

If you are seeking permission to remove or prune a tree on your property fill out a Tree Management Application and submit the form to Council with the applicable fee.


Tree Management Application PDF