North Sydney’s Tree Removal experts on the Mountain Ash

Australia’s mostly arid landscape isn’t one that is typically associated with more impressive members of tree life. The varied landscape, on the whole, lacks the heavy precipitation needed to fuel the growth of massive trees. But in a few isolated spots of Victoria and Tasmania, the exception to the climactic norm offers up one of the world’s most notable trees.

The mountain ash is actually a eucalypt and is the world’s largest flowering plant. And it is massive: bred by the temperate climate and the seasonal rains of the Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean, these giants can lay claim to being the second-tallest trees on record, surpassed only by the coastal redwoods of California. Prior to the logging of many forests, however, there were reports that several examples stood even taller.

Currently, your tree removal experts can report that the tallest mountain ash currently sits in Tasmania’s southwest forests, at an undisclosed location, a long hike from North Sydney. Known as ‘Centurion’, it stands in an old-growth grove of mountain ash and has never been logged. It stands at 99.8 metres in height, as of 2012.

Originally, due to its height, it was called the ‘Don Bradman’. Apparently, forestry officials have an odd sense of humour. If you’re in Tasmania, it might be worth a walk in the forest to find one of these giants of the tree world. As your tree removal experts in North Sydney, and tree enthusiasts, we believe you would enjoy the view.